Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Product Alert:: Put the "fun" back in lunch from home!

As our children get older, buying lunch at school can become more and more appealing. Their friends are lined up, waiting for their portion of macaroni and cheese, mystery meat and canned peaches - and your kid wants theirs too!

With school dietary guidelines changing, fresh fruit requirements are satisfied with a sugary swig of "fruit" juice, vegetables are overcooked and lose nutritional value and meats are prepared with fillers and additives to cut down on costs. So, how do you encourage your children to eat better and enjoy the lunch you pack?

Write your children a note on the Princess Linens' Chalkboard Lunch Tote! With a chalkboard located under the lid, it's the perfect place to encourage your child to do their best on an upcoming test or just to say good luck at their soccer game. You could even leave a reminder to turn in their fieldtrip form to their teacher. To make sure your note is not erased, the chalkboard has a plastic covering to prevent erasure due to condensation.

The lunch tote has an adjustable shoulder strap to grow with your child, a front and back pocket to stuff snacks and for recess and breaks and measures 9"x5"x5". Have the front pocket personalized with their name and make it just for them!

Available in Hot Pink, Blue or Camouflage. The product will be available to ship in April - reserve yours from your favorite retailer or Princess Linens today!

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