Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make Sets with Current Products

Have current plush inventory? No problem! Make a cute gift set that someone can pick up and give out the same day.

Simply attach a Crayon Keeper to the stuffed animal - you can use a color-coordinating ribbon, plastic fasteners or even wrap the animal's arms/legs around the product. You have just created a quick $25 gift, great for the register or for a sibling gifts section!

How Do I Sell the Crayon Apron/Toolbelt?

Are your customers not quite sure what the Crayon Apron or Crayon Toolbelt actually is? Get creative with your displays! Dress a child-size mannequin in a cute, comfortable lazy-day outfit, fill the apron with crayons and attach it.

Doodlebugz Fun with Gift Baskets!

What better way to merchandise product? Put it in a gift basket and make it a set! Your customers (and the person receiving the gift) will value the ready-made gift that looks like it took more than a quick trip to the store to produce.

Try a basket, try a little red wagon. Mix stuffed animals currently in your store, additional art products or even a little candy! The possibilities are endless.

Have you ever thought...

... of taking the Crayon Keeper out of the tube and wrapping the ribbon around the crayons? It's a colorful and bright way to stress the creative side of the Crayon Keeper.

Plus, it fits great in a gift basket this way!

Introducing Princess Linens Assortments!

We have just introduced several new assortments to make your life easier! Now you do not have the hassle of trying to figure out what quantities, colors and sizes to buy - we have done it for you!

Including our best selling items and colors, these assortments have what you need to make your shelves "pop" and keep customers coming back for more!

Available Assortments are:

Want to know the best part? You SAVE MONEY! Get each assortment at a discounted rate versus regular pricing!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turn things Upside Down with the Crayon Keeper!

Turn the Crayon Keeper into a Crayon Caddy with a few simple folds!

Love not having crayons at the bottom of your purse? Have you finally given in and thrown out the beat up plastic baggy at the bottom of the diaper bag that held crayons? If so, you will be happy to know there is one more thing you can do with the Crayon Keeper!

Fold the crayons to the outside, roll it and secure it and it makes a Crayon Caddy. Perfect to use while you are out at dinner - it holds the crayons in place and best of all, when you are ready to go, you unroll it, fold the crayons to the inside, roll it up and throw it in your bag!

It's that simple!