Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do I have to merchandise well to retail? Yes! Quick tips you can start today!

1. Display the Product - When is the last time you purchased something without looking at it? In today's economy, people are less likely to purchase something without knowing the full functionality of the item. Give that to them - they deserve it! Simply placing an item on a shelf, waiting for someone to come along just isn't enough! People are used to getting information quickly and do not want to think about their purchases for too long. Help them out with this! Take the product out of the package - show it's full functionality. Yes, you may render 1 product unsaleable, but you have just doubled your total sales!

2. Get Creative - Do you have merchandise that would sell well as a set? What if it is not already packaged together? Get creative with retailing - make it a set! Try tying multiple items together with a ribbon, placing them in a nice basket or even wrapping with cellophane.

3. Plan Ahead - Do holidays come and go in your store? How about the not-so-obvious ones like St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day or even Armed Forces Day? Pull out your collection of green and think of a fun way to retail it. Have camo in your store? Put it on a table and find pieces that complement: even red, white and blue merchandise well with camo. By planning ahead, you will ensure that you have the proper merchandise for each occasion and your store will appear more organized (although we know you were very organized before!).

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