Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monogramming Memories

When I sat down to write this blog about monogramming, I started thinking back to my childhood and it reminded me of Mema, my other grandmother.  If you read my last blog post about G-mama (my dad’s mom), you will agree I have been quite nostalgic lately! 

Mema is my mom’s mom and was the definition of a fine, southern lady.  When I think of her farmhouse in South Carolina where I spent many summers running through the peach orchard while Mema sat in the rocking chair on the porch, I remember the smell of warm apple pie, the sound of teacups clinking and the sight of everything monogrammed.  From tea towels and bed linens to fine china and silver, her house had curly letters embroidered or engraved on every surface. 

Why are monograms so nostalgic?  I asked my Aunt Gwen, my mom’s sister, who carries on the tradition of monogramming everything with a flat surface and this was her answer: “Monograms remind me of a more genteel time when ladies wore dresses and make up and sipped tea.”  She went on to tell me how Mema used to have all of her monograms sent to New York to be designed.  She said, “We had our sweaters, purses, linens and all we could think of done. It used to be somewhat of a status symbol.” 

Monogramming has changed since then.  There are programs that quickly align the letters, machines that sew lightening fast and millions of designs to choose from.  Monograms are not as much of a status symbol as they used to be but they still turn a special gift into an amazing keepsake.  That is why everything we make at Princess Linens can be personalized. 

My boys are little but already I look back at the pictures of our special occasions and my heart melts when I see their sweet smiles and their precious outfits which have all, of course, been monogrammed.  Time passes too quickly and monograms are our way to slow down a little and remember a more “genteel time.”  Just like Aunt Gwen said. 

From our family to yours-

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