Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pinterest, Here I Come!

I have finally become an official “Pin Head” and have joined Pinterest! Apparently, I am behind the ball since there are an estimated 12 million subscribers and 80% of those users are women! I was interested in how busy moms, like myself, use Pinterest, so I did a little research and discovered some interesting facts:
·         Top 3 reasons why moms use Pinterest:
·         It’s just fun (90%)
·         I like organizing my interests (67.8%)
·         I like looking at beautiful things (67%)
·         The average number of Pinterest boards for moms is 18.
·         “Food/recipes” was by far (91.4%) the category/subject moms pinned the most.
·         Others in the top 5 were “Crafts” (74.5%), “Home Décor" (55.5%) “How-To” (52.7%), and “Fashion” (39.5%).
·         Fewer than half of moms (42.3%) used Pinterest to plan events, with 78.7% of that number planning a child’s birthday party.
·         About two-thirds of moms (66.5%) both pinned when they came across something of interest and pro-actively searched for items to pin.  

Well, I have just started with Pinterest and I already have four boards and I’m just getting started! I’m in agreement with all three top reasons to use Pinterest; it’s fun, it makes organizing my many interests easy and the pictures are beautiful and engaging. I find I’m drawn more towards the fashion, home décor and crafts, other than food/recipes. Who knows? Maybe one day Pinterest will inspire me to cook!
In the meantime, check out my new Pinterest page at and tell me what you think!

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